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At Evolved Wellbeing, our core focuses are food education, emotional health & sustainable movement .

Eating healthy doesn’t mean boring, tasteless food, doesn’t have to be hard work or imply that we must obsessively count calories. Food should be diverse, interesting

and most of all – it should be enjoyable!

We offer accredited meal & menu planning, Food Therapy sessions & of course, our very popular small group cooking workshops & demonstrations!

Feeling flat? Are those pesky hurdles in life have you feeling lost?

 How we think and feel is such an underestimated area of our health – It is crucial that we nurture our mental wellbeing! It is very beneficial to have a chat & put our feelings into words & take a step back to look at things objectively!

We offer one-on-one health & lifestyle coaching, tailored to your needs!

If you prefer talking it out over a great meal, while gaining valuable cooking tuition - try our Food Therapy lifestyle coaching!

Don't feel like fitness is for you? Sometimes, all we need to do is to actually just start moving! Starting your fitness journey can be one of the hardest things you might do, but has immeasurable benefits! Evolved Wellbeing is here to get you on your way!!

We offer coaching sessions to identify barriers that limit your potential & get you smashing through them, on your way to good health.

We have an extensive network of Fitness and Health Professionals to direct you to once you are ready to leap into your fitness goals!

Evolved Wellbeing is committed to supporting clients

who have recognised the need for change & are dedicated to evolving themselves in a practical & sustainable way.


I was in a sleep deprived state before seeking help with Vicki at Evolved Wellbeing.

I now have a better understanding of the importance of healthy sleep patterns and energy dense foods that are a better alternative to get me through the day.


After our sessions, Vicki has given me the confidence and inspiration to change my behaviour, push through the tough transition period and was happy to provide ongoing support to help implement the changes into my daily routine.


She was always friendly, non judgemental, knowledgeable and more than happy to work through a few little questions I had along the way after our sessions.


I feel much more motivated and inspired after my sessions with Vicki and have the confidence in myself to control how I feel. I now feel like I am gaining ground on getting my energy back and am ready to tackle other issues.

I would definitely recommend Vicki from Evolved Wellbeing to others, as she's just so lovely, understanding and relatable. She instilled confidence in me and had the knowledge base to back it up. I will definitely be returning for more sessions!

- Kelly    YANCHEP

I have had two sessions in person with Vicki.

She has an amazing ability to make you feel comfortable, even if asking dumb questions.


We have also been in contact via email sessions on various occasions.

The coaching sessions have encouraged me to continue on this journey and I know that I can contact her as required. This is very comforting to know.


She has encouraged me to get moving in a way that won't exacerbate current medical issues.

Vicki is always supportive and encouraging.

-Pam    ALBANY






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