First blog post!

Welcome to my first ever blog entry!

My name is Vicki & I am the creator of Evolved Wellbeing!

I thought my first blog should be more of an introduction of myself so you would know who's running the show and why!

There is a general overview about me on the “ABOUT” page… this is the more nitty gritty!

It’s such a nerve wracking thing to lay it out bare... but it's my hope that by sharing my experience, that others might find the courage to take control of whatever it is that holds them back!

Since I can remember, I have always loved food, so it seemed becoming a chef was the career path for me! I was so fortunate to have found an apprenticeship that gave me a wealth of experience & an opportunity to really flex my creative side.

I worked hard and qualified as a chef - I couldn't believe my dream was coming true! I quickly worked my way up the ladder and was happy as!

As fantastic as "Chef life" was - the lifestyle does take its toll. You work very long hours & very hard, not a lot of rest , high stress, surprisingly poor diet choices (you spend so much time preparing food for others, you tend to just eat whatever is around when you do!) and little time for a quality social life outside of work.

My health steadily declined in my early 20’s due to the way I was living – eating rubbish & not exercising, mismanaging my anxiety and stress... but I thought nothing of it. You get on with things, too busy to worry.

It wasn’t until after I slowed down a bit work wise, that I discovered that feeling tired all the time, brain fog, rapid weight gain and a host of other health problems was NOT normal.

Another few years down the track and becoming pregnant to discover that I in fact had Hashimotos Hypothyroidism… The cause of most my symptoms! To top it off, I also got Gestational Diabetes.


So I had a diagnosis … but I didn’t really do too much to help myself. Didn't ask questions, didn't really understand much - just knew that if I took medication, it should all work out.

Second pregnancy… Still struggling with Hashimotos (life-long disease!!!) ... AND Gestational Diabetes AGAIN! This time I sat up and paid attention!

I knew that something had to be done, but had NO IDEA what to do and where to start.

It took until my youngest child had her first birthday, for me to reach the precipice... I had had enough of feeling and looking like I did. I didn't want to be tired. I didn't want to have the threat of chronic disease hanging over me (pre diabetic and other issues caused from flow on affect of unmanaged hypothyroidism).

I wanted to take control of my mind - I felt adrift and unhappy even though everything was going right.

I wanted to fit into my clothes again.

I wanted to reclaim ME.

I began with digesting as much information as I could about Hashimotos. I could fill a library with the information I consumed! It really was too broad and very contradictory. I did however discover a common theme - hypothyroid patients tend to cope better by abstaining certain elements in their diet.

So, I embarked on the Low Carbohydrate, HEALTHY fat lifestyle. That was over 2 1/2 years ago and I have come leaps and bounds from where I was! I had found something that works for me and it was sustainable!

I managed to lose a bit of weight & keep it off - this was a nice little bonus, but the most important things that I gained was my mind & a handle on my fatigue!

I honestly didn't fathom how much my mental state dictated the rest of me... and it was my relationship with my beloved FOOD!

I think I had such an addiction - and I say FULL .BLOWN .ADDICTION. to food - mainly sugar (read "eats a whole pack of chocolate biscuits then looks for the block of chocolate - for a snack") that I misunderstood my hunger cues & would tend to eat beyond capacity.

I had a “fear of missing out” with food – or what I like to call "Farm Dog" syndrome; eat as much as you can, when you can as you don’t know when your next meal is.

What a completely irrational and uncalled for response – but I let it become a habit & it took over!

I would always be looking for the sugary snacks and carb heavy things to fill me up, it was a constant cycle of poor choices and even worse nutrition.

By taking control of what and why I ate, getting through the horrible withdrawals of sugar and focusing on actually nourishing my body - I regained my mental clarity, my anxiety simmered right down & I managed to change my toxic habits with food.

Now, I am no saint… I still eat pizza, I still have days where I don’t eat a single vegetable – but I now recognise when the damaging behaviours start sneaking back in & have the knowledge to put them away!

As for the fatigue, Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism has a differing daily influence but with the lifestyle changes that I have made – I have been able to reduce medication and managing it as well as can be expected!

I think seeing the immense improvement in my life, really fired me up to be able to help others who are struggling with change.

It took a bit of research for what I really wanted to focus on and also being able incorporate my knowledge as a chef - I decided to undertake a Nutrition & Health Coach qualification.

I really enjoyed the whole experience & was very surprised that I particularly enjoyed the psychology element – the mind is a very curious thing!

I had to choose a few electives – what I would focus on delivering to my future clients. I went with Gut health and Conception, Pregnancy & Postnatal Nutrition. I think these really resonated with me , being a mother & also having a keen interest in using the gut to heal the body!

So, forward to now, I am a certified coach and I just can’t help myself… I am also studying Cert. 3 & 4 in Fitness… so I can become a Personal Trainer – all to provide the best support for my clients including safe & sustainable exercise! Look out 2020!!!

Well… That was a bit of a ramble, so thanks for making it to the end!

Just know that if you’re “stuck” on something in your life, YOU CAN do something about it. It won’t happen instantly (it won’t last if it is) but it WILL happen!

Get the knowledge and the support to set yourself up to succeed!

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